The Collision Repair Process

car on lift

A collision is, at a minimum, an inconvenience. When you choose Advanced Collision Services for your auto body and paint repairs, the process is as simple as calling us with your claim number. That's it! From this point, we will write a computerized estimate and take digital pictures of the damage, contact your insurance company and reach an agreed repair price. We will pre-order all parts if your vehicle is drivable and we will handle your rental car reservation. All you need to do is bring your vehicle in for repairs and you are finished. We will handle all paperwork and will keep the insurance, rental car companies and of course you updated during the repairs. Your vehicle will be returned to you in pre-accident condition, or better. At Advanced Collision Services, we believe the sign of a great repair, is no sign at all.

Stage 1: Visual inspection and preliminary estimate

The repair process begins even before you leave your car with us. Advanced Collision Services enjoys favorable relationships with all insurance companies and are direct repair facilities for many companies. This means Advanced Collision Services will assist the insurance companies in writing the estimate, handling your claim, and negotiating with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. If your vehicle is drivable, Advanced Collision will pre-order your parts to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop. When it is time to drop off your car, one of our service professionals will arrange for a rental car to be waiting for you.

Stage 2: Remove damaged parts

Your vehicle is in the shop and is ready to be disassembled. Once parts have been removed, a secondary inspection will determine if there is any damage that couldn't be detected initially. If more damage is found, a supplemental report will be completed, along with digital images, and sent to the insurance company. Once approved, any additional parts will be ordered and an updated completion date will be given.

Stage 3: Body and structural repair

Advanced Collision Services uses the Genesis and Velocity measuring systems.
More and more customers and insurance companies are requiring the use of computerized measuring as part of the repair process. Chief's® Velocity™ is far and away the most sophisticated system available in the industry today. Fast and easy set-up with full-color, one-page reports on the exact condition of the vehicle's frame before, during and after repairs have been made for indisputable evidence of damage severity and quality repairs.

If needed, your vehicle will be placed on one of our unibody repair benches. New panels will be prepared and installed. Using the finest state of the art equipment we return the vehicle to like new factory condition quickly and professionally. Priming, sealing, and corrosion protection is added to the new parts. All work is inspected and tested. Once these steps are completed, the vehicle will be moved to the paint department.

Stage 4: Refinishing

Final refinishing is completed in our heated downdraft dust-free spray booth. The new finish is baked to ensure a hard, durable factory quality finish. The paint system utilized consists of corrosion resistant primers, sealers, color coats and urethane clear coats to provide a smooth, glossy, rust free and chip resistant surface. To ensure a perfect finish, Advanced Collision sprays PPG Enviro-based paint products, the highest quality available.
This ensures that repairs are not merely close to the factory color, but will provide an invisible repair. Each painter is thoroughly trained and certified to allow Advanced Collision Services to offer the PPG Lifetime Nationwide Warranty.

Stage 5: The finishing touches

Parts that were removed for painting are reassembled, the vehicle is realigned, and climate control is checked for proper operation. The vehicle is then detailed and any extras (such as pinstripes) are taken care of. The vehicle is inspected and taken for a test drive. After it checks out, you will be notified and a time is set for picking up your finished vehicle.